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sleek looking wordpress blog themes


Welcome to our collection of simple, modern and minimalist themes for WordPress.  Even though it got it’s start as a strong, modern reaction against design practices that are fashionable, active, minimalism is now a favorite web design style over recent years – and it’s not difficult to comprehend its allure. Designers have finally cottoned onto what many users actually need: practical design after formerly pushing the envelope by making sites as flamboyant as possible.

You’ll probably begin by developing a listing of desirable attributes, when trying to find subjects in other markets. Yet, for a minimalist theme that is suitable, you’ll need as small pomp contained as potential. This means chaotic components sophisticated slider plugins, including social networking widgets, and cartoons that are domineering are outside. You ’ll need a lot of shade choices, stunning typography, and functionality tailored towards showing your content front and centre. This way you’ll when you locate it, understand the appropriate option.

Don’t stress if you feeling overwhelmed! By the ending, you’ll have a considerably clearer notion of what’s appropriate for your content.

sleek looking wordpress blog themes


Aurum has all the elegance and subtlety of a swan – plain and lovely over the surface, but strong beneath.  Aurum is loaded with choices. While the plugin’s more busy effects are a minimalism no no, it may be used to provide practical design improvements.

Additionally, you can accentuate your content by selecting from an array of customizations, including over a total colour palette, along with 800 Google Fonts. By using the bundled Visual Composer plugin What’s more, you can construct layouts tailored to your unique design conditions.  Aurum definitely has the ability and flexibility to provide a design aesthetic that is active, but used, it’s well-suited to a minimalist design – particularly for folks who wish to showcase a portfolio.

Other great providers of minimalist themes include MadebyMinimal and others.

aurum minimalist woocommerce theme

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